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If it wasn’t a smear campaign against Adm. Jackson, it closely resembled one. Most telling about this incident was that Jonathan Swan of Axios, a journalist who had written before Tester aired the complaints that Jackson’s nomination appeared in trouble, told Fox News that he knew all the points Tester raised, but declined to report them because he could not verify them. “I have no idea if it's true or not,” he said. “And clearly neither does Jon Tester. Surely, this is a problem." Last Tuesday, on the same day he appeared on CNN to discuss the allegations against Jackson, Tester, along with Sen. Johnny Iskason, the Georgia Republican who chairs the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, sent a letter to the White House asking for all documentation about Jackson’s White House service. In other words, Tester went public with these vicious allegations, which were all based on anonymous sourcing, without any concrete proof. We’ve seen too much of this in the Trump era and it must stop. People’s livelihoods and reputations are at stake. Perhaps Adm.

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Jacksonville FL Divorce Attorney
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